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  • How do I sign-up for tutoring ?
    Please call or text (647) 709 - 1476, to enquire about tutoring needs.
  • As a student, what can I expect from my tutoring sessions?"
    Students will come to our location or log on online and the tutor will work closely with the students. This time will be used to ensure the students are building a foundation of the subject, as well as review homework, build study habits and get ahead of the class. The tutors we work with will work with you to develop a program that works best to fit your needs and learning style.
  • Will I get the same tutor every time?
    Yes, from our initial consultation a tutor will be assigned to you and that tutor will remain for the duration of the enrollment. In some circumstances your tutor may no longer be available, of which we will then re-match you with another tutor.
  • Who are the online tutors?
    Ontario College of Teachers College and graduate students Math professionals/experts Science professionals/experts English professionals/experts
  • Do you provide an assessment?
    During the consultation, we may provide an formal and informal assessments depending on the academic situation.
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